About us

The company 16 Februar D.O.O. (16 February Company, Ltd.) is a private company, founded in 2002, with the seat in Podgorica. The main activity of the company is provision of logistic services in international and domestic railway transport. With the development of the market our Company has also expanded its service activities, so that, in addition to the railway transport, it also provides the services in the truck transport, reloading, logistic and consultancy services.

As of 2010, we have also extended our activity in the area of trade. Our main branch of trade is sale of railway tractive and hauled stock (locomotives and wagons), railway rails, switch gears, sleepers, track accessories, ballast materials (crushed stone ballast), etc.

Since its foundation, 16 February Company has been doing business according to all the national and international regulations and has been successful in its business operation.

It has been awarded the prestigious regional Excellent SME Certificate and the Certificate of Excellence and, by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, 16 February Company has been recognized as one of the best companies in Montenegro.

16 Februar d.o.o.

The objective of 16 February Company

The objective of 16 February Company, Ltd. is to constantly work on the improvement of our business operation in order to meet the requirements of our clients in the best possible way, because satisfaction of our clients is our best indicator of success.

The vision of 16 February Company

The vision of 16 February Company, Ltd. is based on long-term plans, and it is to integrate the complete service in the area of railway and that, with our expert team, you can get everything you need, related to the railway, at one place!

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